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02.Feb.2015. 15:40 PM

drawWe are living in the video age. Had it not been true, funny videos of babies and prisoners dancing in harmony on exciting numbers would not be going viral and getting viewed by individuals from every country.

The truth is that the obscure intrigues us. We are amused by things that are not just funny but inspire some sort of an emotion in us. That happens because videos make us feel something and teach us something. They touch our hearts as we consider them to be true visual delights.


27.Nov.2014. 06:55 AM

Traffic is equivalent to a life-support system for any online business. We come across businesses that are willing to go the extra mile if it means securing even the slightest improvement in the number of visitors they receive. This is because these businesses know that without tempting traffic, they do not stand a chance to survive.


28.Oct.2014. 14:15 PM

For an explainer video to work wonders, it has to be something worth-watching. It should be the perfect blend of an endless string of traits such as engaging content, appealing aesthetics, apt audio and a lot is an assortment of qualities that can negatively  influence your video.Things get tricky because people are so caught up in including the‘must-haves’ that they often entirely forget about the ‘must-not-haves’. When this happens, quality suffers which can easily be translated into losing your customers for good.


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