SilverRail – Explainer Video

Taking a plain for a long distance journey is the easiest, fastest, most convenient way of travelling.
Or is it? Let us think about it again for a moment…

Getting to the airport 2 hours before takeoff can be quite stressful, especially if you live far from it –
in the city for example.
Then you arrive to stand in the queue at the check-in desk for ages while worrying about the overweight of your luggage. Time keeps ticking and security check awaits.
Restricted items (lipstick) in the carry-on case… oh deer.
All right they let you go this time, now hurry up to find the gate!
It is only 20 minutes walk, hopefully you counted that in!
Gate opens as you approach and there is just a hundred people in front of you.
Now if your “cabin size” luggage is within regulations, you may soon enjoy your pleasant flight.
After the pilot lets you leave your chair.
And you really think the screaming kid behind you is willing to stop kicking your seat?

Silverrail explainer video

We all know the dark side of having a flight, furthermore it is considered to be the most air polluting of all.
Other health risk may occur as the human body is originally designed to operate on this lovely planet’s surface.
There is an increased risk of catching a cold, also thrombosis, hearing loss, nausea, cardiovascular disease, and so on…

Londoners, Jack and Joe are going to have a business meeting in France.
They have decided to travel using different kind of transports.

We have put everything in this explainer video made for Silverrail to show you that travelling can be different.
Let this excellent video speak for itself.

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