Turn Potential Clients into Clients

Animated product videos for your company

Take a look at our animation videos – we are not all talk!

by: Gabriel Sarkadi

Let’s face it, the most crucial phase of your sales process is when potential clients see your company/service for the first time.
You have to make sure it’s not the also last time they see it. How you do it?

Certainly not with a snoozefest!

What you want is a pitch that is unique, engaging and impressive. A pitch that explains your company/product, creates a bond with the viewer and makes a lasting impression.

Animation explainer videos do all of that, and more. Correction, a brilliant animated explainer videos do all of the above. And that’s exactly what Easy Explain Video, an insanely great animation video company, offers.

By attractively summarizing and converting what you have to say into an engaging product animated explainer video, our animation experts create the perfect pitch, the perfect lead generation tool.

T. Rex Vision

So why are these animated explainer videos so effective?

Remember that animation scene in Jurassic Park where the T Rex makes its first appearance in the dark rainy night? Dr. Grant (Sam Neill) tells Dr. Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) to freeze because the dinosaur’s vision is based on movement.

Well, that’s how most online people’s vision, so to speak, and attention span, has become.

Responsive to movement.

The fastest way to get and hold your audience’ attention is through a clever combination of motion, sound, color, story and text in one animation.

You may hook your audience with a catchy headline and follow up with engaging animated copy. But if you precede that by animated explainer videos, you can dramatically increase your odds of generating a solid lead.

Right there, in front of a potential client, your whole pitch, the solution, your company, the point that you have exactly what the client is looking for, is conveyed through a seamless explainer animation.

Facts Remain…

Here are some amazing facts that show just how effective animation explainer product videos can be for your company:

Half of USA watches video ads. According to the website eMarketer, 169 million Americans (71% of internet users) will watch online video adverts by the end of 2012.

Video viewers stay on company sites 2 minutes longer. Comscore reports that retail visitors who watch an animation tend to stay on the web page 2 minutes longer.

Sales more likely with animated explainer videos. Comscore also reports that when compared to retail visitors who didn’t watch an animated explainer video, the viewers had a 65% to 85% higher chance of buying a product.

While this list can very long very quickly, consider this:

Online  explainer Videos offer more than just Click-through Rates

Click through rate is just one way of judging the success of an online marketing tool. See what else animated explainer videos can do for your brand and business:

  • Click through rate: 39%
  • Actual Product Sales: 38%
  • Visits to Brand website: 35%
  • Brand Awareness or Recall: 30%
  • Video completion rate: 29%

Let our explainer videos speak for themselves!

All of the above translates into your bigger and better business.

With our cool business animation videos you can convince your potential clients that you are the real deal, the best deal…