How to use an explainer video production company the right way?

Easy Explain Video is an explainer video production company.

We do know that the most important part of your business when you explain it to your prospective customers or investors.

If the explanation is complex text lot of people will give up reading. If it is an engaging explainer video they will enjoy it.

Did you know that according to Nielsen Research the average time spent on a new website is just 56 seconds? So theoretically we’ve got only 50 more seconds to tell you why you are here.

Realistically 6 seconds is enough. The most important moments in your business are those when your product is explained. I am sure you feel like you are doing your best to explain to your customers why they should purchase YOUR product.  And yet it seems that your message does not reach the majority of people.


It’s not because people are not smart enough, but because there is too much information sent to them on a daily basis on very outdated, conventional and …well… let’s be honest:

BORING channels.

Like bullet point presentations, text heavy websites or videos, that are not made the right way. 

If only you could engage your customers with a mix of animations, illustrations, text, video and music all packed together in an engaging and creative story matching your brand identity!

If only more of your customers understand your product and get in touch with you!

The good news is: YOU CAN.

Because this is what we do. 

You simply send us your product description and we come back with a bunch of ideas that effectively communicate

the essence. 

You choose which one you like the most. 

We produce a professional and engaging explaining video that your customers will enjoy watching.

You include it on your website and enjoy the increase in sales.

It’s easy!

The problem is simple: If you overwhelm your prospective customers with too much information and it’s boring to boot, you are likely to lose lots of potential customers straight out. 

The more people understand your product the more likely they’ll consider purchasing it and more likely it’ll be to make a sale. 

Thanks for reading this post and good luck with your business.


you know it is not all about luck.

Contact us for some ideas and how to send your messages to your audience or customers the correct way.

Contact us! You’ll thank yourself for it.

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