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No Marketing, Like Video Marketing

Take a look at our marketing videos – we are not all talk!

by: Gabriel Sarkadi

If you have a website you probably know how important and difficult it is to grab the attention of people online. If you don’t impress people who discover your web presence, you really don’t have an online business.

As online marketing experts, let us tell you that video marketing is an incredibly powerful way of promoting your business online.

People invariably respond more to video than text or plain audio. Through marketing with video you can get your potential clients to respond exactly the way you want.

Marketing with video is really a genius way of informing your potential customers about who you are, what you have to offer and why you are the best.

Would you like to reach 84.5% of the online American audience?

With video marketing, you can.

So many people are watching so many videos…it’s clear how invaluable videos are in online marketing. Just like it’s hard to imagine a business without a website, it’s getting increasingly difficult to imagine a business/website that doesn’t use video marketing to promote itself.

Videos even get Emails opened!

According to a study by comScore Video Metrix, emails with subject lines containing the word ‘video’ get opened 2-3 times more than those without an indication of a video in the subject line.

This not only proves how amazingly effective video marketing is, but shows how marketing with video enhances your overall marketing endeavors.

It’s got Amazing Potential, but can you Convert this Potential into Success?

Whether it’s a website video, mobile video or YouTube video, the video is just a potential for enjoying the amazing benefits of video marketing such as increasing click-through rates, boosting sales and enhancing brand awareness.

The content/quality of the video is what ultimately determines how successful your video marketing is and whether you these benefits and to what extent.

That’s where we come in.

Let our videos speak for themselves!

Combining creativity and the best video marketing tools, Easy Explain Video creates the most impressive and relevant videos that deliver significant, measurable success for your business.