Marketing video production for cool companies.

Marketing video production for cool companies

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Why should you use professional marketing video production services?

People, members of your target audience, have a very short attention span when they are online. Coupled with the fact that there are virtually countless of your competitors trying to win their approval, your average prospective customer will give you a few seconds to attract their attention.

Is your website, web presence, online advertisement up to the challenge?

Keeping the Window Open

The window of opportunity is rather small, but it is there, it pops up every time a would-be customer comes your way, and the best part – you can get keep this window opened for a longer time.


By using the power of a professional marketing video production company

These marketing videos help you attract and hold the attention of your target audience and more importantly, transform it into significantly higher leads and sales.

This is internet marketing at its best.

As a leading, insanely creative marketing video production company, Easy Explain Video takes the gist of your business & service offering and projects it in front of your target audience in the most interesting, informative and persuasive way.

Video Works

It’s becoming clearer to both analysts and entrepreneurs that video advertising simply works.

While you still need quality copy/content and possibly a verbal connection with your clients, the perfect way to start the ‘conversation’ is with an interesting video.

In the online world, ‘watching’ invariably trumps ‘reading’.

Apply this to the internet marketing scene and you will understand why marketing videos are so effective.

Why Us?

OK so watching trumps reading, great.

BUT, a well-crafted advert heading easily trumps a boring, or worse, irrelevant video. And let’s not forget your competitors’ videos, which could be amazing.

This is why you need to trust creative professionals for the job. Easy Explain Video’s team is the perfect combination of creativity, experienced and dedication that you need to put some killer marketing videos ‘out there’, that get your customer ‘in here’.

There are many reasons to choose Easy Explain Video. Here are 7:

1. Your website is transformed into a conversion machine.
2. Choose from a plethora of video styles.
3. Communicative account manager who keeps you posted.
4. Voice over for any language, any dialect.
5. Captivating and entertaining style for impressing & converting viewers.
6. Unparallel marketing video production quality at reasonable rates.
7. FIVE FREE and Exclusive tooltips for enhancing your marketing video.

But let our videos speak for themselves!

Up your Chances of a Sale Right Away

By using our well-crafted advertising videos to woo potential clients on the web, you seriously up your chances of making a sale.

According to statistics, people are up to 85% more likely to make a retail purchase online if they see a video of the product/service.

Do you think you could do better with these kinds of odds on your side? We think you do!