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09.Apr.2014. 11:39 AM

Often, there is a lot that can be done to improve your marketing strategy and those who showcase not just one or two but many
of the most effective methods, will be able to see a vast difference in the success of their business. Let’s take a look at one of our clients, accessplanit! They already had a great product: a learning and training management software solution for medium and large companies, a well organised website providing clear communication and a high-class customer service team to support their clientele.
One would think that should be enough… but we all know that in this current, highly competitive market, you can never sit back. Neither can you ever ignore marketing trends. Well, you can, but your competitor maybe won’t and will be one step ahead of you.


07.Mar.2014. 12:16 PM

To remember Steve Jobs’s on his birthday on 24th February, we decided to reimagine the legendary moments when he announced the very first iPhone in 2007 at the Apple’s Macworld event, in the form of a typical Easy Explain Video animation. At the same time of Jobs’ birthday took place the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This was also a good reason for us to create a marketing video, which illustrates the moment that changed modern mobile communications. In the video, we used the original recordings of Jobs’ presentation and showcased the main elements of Apple’s design development throughout the years. Our feel-good animation has been having more than 21,000 YouTube views and publications on international Mac forums at the time of writing this article. For example, it is featured on the following blogs: Macobserver, Cultofmac, CNEWS, newsru.com and kreativ.hu among others.

 You can watch the video here.

Interested in marketing videos? Check out our marketing video portfolio.

06.Feb.2014. 10:16 AM

EEV-logo-sketchesFirst we used very simple drawings on walls of caves in order to inform each other and to tell a story or explain things.
Simplifying these lead us to signs such as hieroglyphs.
Instead of using hundreds and thousands of signs – one for each word – humans decided to create signs for certain sounds – letters were born.

Texts are great for spreading information and to document things.

Reading gives you the opportunity to have a look inside someone else’s mind, even if the writer has passed long time ago.
Obviously text will always be the main tool for certain things, but our everyday lives are now running so fast we need to make decisions as quick as possible.

That is why the most powerful marketing tools are images; moving images to be precise.
Video is not only the fastest way to explain, introduce, describe or even teach something new.
It also has to be entertaining in some way.

Why, you ask?


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