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Do you have any idea how universally a video like this can be used? Even we didn't, which is exactly why we went ahead to blog about it.

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Best of 2013 explainer videosThis year is almost over so it is time to have a look at the best explainer videos published in 2013.
We are happy to see that even smaller companies are able to produce really high quality videos.
Concepts, scripts, visuals are getting better and better.
In this list you will find the most various techniques and styles.
From cartoons to info-graphics, funny and serious, 2D or 3D, handcrafted and CGI, and exciting combinations of these. Let’s see now:
Client: Quad
Production Company: LooseKeys

The concept is about organizing everyday tasks using Quad, a mobile application.

How do you prove the efficiency of this tool better than putting it in the hands of lovely zombies who are unable to think and communicate. Great video from LooseKeys studio here:



Client: Kompoz
Studio: Easy Explain Video

Musicians from all around the world can explore each other’s ideas and collaborate to create music.
Easy Explain Video studio has successfully presented that talent and creativity knows no borders.


Client: CrazyEgg
Studio: Demo Duck
If you are not sure what to do with your website to be more efficient, attractive and inviting, CrazyEgg offers a great solution. A heat map tool that shows all the activity on your page. You can track all items, buttons, areas of your website to see what visitors like, dislike, where do they stop browsing, and so on. Great illustrations in this video from Demo Duck.


Client: McAffee
Studio: 1/29 Films
This explainer video is just amazing, nothing to say.


Client: VistaOneSolutions
Studio: Wienot Films
We really like the simplicity of this video, while movements are very smooth and detailed – i.e. when the golden bricks are falling on each other. Oh yeah, and Flux Condenser is such a classic.


Client: Kurzgesagt
Studio: Kurzgesagt
Have you ever wondered how stock exchange works, even why is it necessary? Worry not, all you need is this explainer video. To be honest, I just got it right after seeing this.


Client: Heart Research Institute
Studio: Vital Signs Productions
Nice idea to raise awareness of heart disease and a clever way to increase charity.
There is no better way to spread the word of such a serious issue than a video like this.


Client: Skin of Steel
Studio: Gisteo
This is more about raising awareness of the disease melanoma or skin cancer.
There is no voice over only calm, hopeful music and pretty, well engineered animations about the programs, researches, facts and treatments.


Client: Sundstedt Animation
Studio: Sundstedt Animation
This is a study overview of the last 100 years in marketing.
Every era has had its difficulties and advantages as well.
Starting with the travelling salesman, through newspapers, radio and TV advertisements, finally we can say that the internet has quickly become the main platform.


Client: SilverRail
Studio: Easy Explain Video
Taking a plain for a long distance journey is the easiest, fastest, most convenient way of travelling.
Or is it?
We all know the dark side of having a flight, furthermore it is considered to be the most air polluting of all.
Let us see the huge differences between railways and airways:

Keep up the good works folks!



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