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01.Mar.2015. 18:09 PM   by:

4+1 reasons to use animated explainer videos

Why do we insist on using animated explainer videos for promoting any company? What does the animated explainer videos have that conventional, live-action marketing videos don’t? Here are 4 + 1 of the many reasons why animated explainer videos works better.
  1. It’s Cheaper
With a computer animation expert by your side, you can depict just about anything. From gigantic mountains to a large factory to expensive cars to raining dollar bills – you name it, you got it. Can you imagine what it would cost if you were to shoot any one of these things? ‘A fortune’ are the words you’re looking for. Take the cheaper route, without holding back the quality in the least. You can virtually fly around the world through quality animation and get the best animated explainer video as a result.
  1. It’s More Emotional
Unless you plan on casting the likes of Colin Firth or Kate Winslet for your company’s marketing video, an animated explainer video will do a much better job. With the right animator, animated videos can be more emotional than live-action marketing videos. Leave it to a skillful animation expert to professionally convey & evoke the right emotions. Viewers, your target audience, will react the way your company wants and hence take the desired action of calling your company, signing up etc. thanks to well-crafted animated explainer videos.
  1. It’s more effective
For small & medium businesses, cartoons are more effective. Again, comparing them with multi-million dollar movies or star-studded adverts might be the only instance where a live-action video would be more effective in having an impact on the audience. Assuming these are not options you can practically consider, explainer animation is the way to go. Compared to having strangers speak to your potential clients through an online marketing explainer video, there’s nothing funny about using a cartoonish approach.
  1. It Offers More Styles
You (we) can do anything with animation. We can create an explainer animation video that suits your products and/or services perfectly. There are virtually endless styles, themes and motifs that we can follow and incorporate in your explainer video. We complement this expansive world of choice with smart decisions to choose the most appropriate styles for your service offering. An animator’s ‘virtual palette’ offers a myriad of opportunities for your animated explainer video, we’re not restricted by the limitations of the real world.
  1. Everyone can Relate to Cartoons from Childhood
It doesn’t matter whom your company is selling to. People invariably have the happiest memories from their childhood when they spent hours watching cartoons. Growing up might have robbed them of the opportunities to enjoy cartoons like they once did, but they still sub-consciously accept animated videos with an open mind. This is great news for someone using ananimation video to reach out to these people. At Easy Explain Video we joyfully help clients make the most of the advantages of animated explainer videos. Generating leads and driving up sales can’t be more fun for everyone than using entertaining, informative and compelling animation videos. Check out our explainer video portfolio right here.